Monday, January 6, 2014

HBF, first 2014 update

Finally Xmas is over!, in between I found some time to improve this little game mess, latest changes:

Binaries and sources can be downloaded from SugarSync.


  • Rectangle collision uses bounding boundaries rather than rectangle, so is more accurate
  • New method TCamera2d.Reset()
  • Font can now have a 2d camera 
  • Screen buffers are no longer created with huge size since most of the time they are under used, now they are discarded when more vertices are needed and then exponentially increased, default is now 512 vertex (before it was 32768), memory footprint reduced dramatically
  • New BB.Game.Achievements unit


  • Trap door now uses a rectangle collision (it cannot use a polygon shape since the system can only generate one polygon and this bitmap would generate two)
  • HUD refactored a bit
  • Coins stuff moved to HUD 
  • Map tiles changes
  • Bottom contact adjusted when testing left and right collisions
  • Spikes and flames take tile height as reference
  • Jellyfish moves faster
  • Now hero falls in small gaps
  • New world view at the beginning of the game (it shows all levels in miniature)
  • Screens code refactored
  • New teleport element 
  • Teleports can be grouped, so one can have many on the same level as long as they are in different groups
  • Hero's immunity activated when entering destination teleport since an enemy can be moving there
  • Princess has more Z priority
  • Crab collision when waking up has been improved
  • Droid laser speed set to 1
  • Droid does not stop when it is closed to tiles (avoiding potential gliches)
  • Hover collision system against tiles improved
  • Hover collision system is now based on physics when colliding with other hovers 
  • Titan collision with enemies improved
  • Start attribute checking, now it checks for no start or more than one start
  • New level The Ending, now is a big maze
  • Moving platforms bottom check fixed
  • Bat collisions improved
  • New game over screen 
  • New stalactite bitmap
  • Fixed a bug when hero was dying and a bubble catch him
  • New waterfall tiles (trying...)


  • Grid is visible again

New world presentation

When game is finish, there is also a new presentation

New level for The Ending

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