Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hero goes shopping

I always love games that allow you to buy items, games like wonder boy in monster land or black tiger, so this is my little tribute...

  IShopItem = interface
    function GetCost: integer;
    function GetDescription: string;
    function GetId: string;
    function GetType: string;
    function GetLevel: integer;
    function GetProperties: IMemVar;

  IShop = interface
    function Count: integer;
    function Exists(const aItem: string): boolean;
    function Enter(aInventory: IInventory): boolean;
    function Find(const aItem: string): IShopItem;
    function GetCategories: TList<string>;
    function GetItems(const aCategory: string): TList<string>;
    function Purchase(const aItem: string; aInventory: IInventory): boolean;
    procedure Remove(const aItem: string);

Found binaries at OneDrive

  • New Enemy Octopus
  • NPC talk is more accurate
  • Doors now can be hidden
  • All entities can have a Hint
  • Adding a shop
  • New inventory class
  • Now taken coins are shown and not left coins
  • When in finish screen, last level is not shown
  • New music when shopping
  • New element cauldron
  • When hero got a shield it can stop arrows
  • Render screens code refactored
  • NPC can yield coins
  • Hero can attack if proper item is owned (sword, axe and knive)
  • Enemy energy is now used
  • Now shop offers boots! (faster walk, jumping, slippery...)
  • Screen Prepare() method more handy
  • Blocks can contain hidden coins
  • New element Idol
  • GameServices.GetHero returns now IHero
  • Hero's shield is affected by arrows depending on its level  (pushed backwards)
  • Enemies killed with a weapon spawns a coin
  • Shopping menu slowly improved
  • During the same game, already taken coins do not appear again when revisiting a level

  • New TMasterDetail<M, D> class
  • Some functions changed parameters of type TDummySprite to ISprite
  • TLevels simplified
  • New TObjectHelper.CreateByName(), it creates any kind of class by name, very handy for the inventory

Hero with his sword and shield after purchasing them in the futuristic shop :-)