Tuesday, February 12, 2013

HBF, February update

A new version of HBF and BB framework (binaries and source) are ready to be downloaded.

Strange messages...

New enemies






-When surfaces are retrieved via SpriteEngines, the heights for slopes are always calculated
-Slopes in TLayer are much simpler and faster
-Engine now can load pixel shader and vertex shaders (properly...)
-TSurface.AutoShape is private and now is called from the surface when needed not every time a new surface is created
-Rectangle collision in TCollision uses GetBB in order to be more accurate
-New TLayer.Trace()
-TLayer when loads a map sets a default Z for all Layers
-TSoundFactory, samples released properly

-New Unit and class TBall 
-HandleMovingPlatforms() refactored
-Moving tiles without touch are supported
-New method TGameSprite.GetPosOnItem() that return the position of a sprite on a given platform taking into account the feet.
-Different song when hero dies
-When hero dies HorizontalSpeed is set to zero
-IsCollisionLeft() and IsCollisionRight() now return the collision element (tile or item)
-GetPlatformAdjustment() improved for TBall
-DiscoverHiddenBlock() now works with any tile
-New unit and class TRay
-Platform refactored
-Arrow speeds are now floats
-New class TCollisionableSprite
-New class TEnemy
-Enemies inherit from TEnemy
-New enemy  bomb 
-New enemy mummy 
-New enemy bird 
-Enemy Weird behaves as expected
-New hierarchy of sprites, TGravitySprite->TEnemy->TNonGravityEnemy
-Bomb does not longer kills when contact
-CanEnterDoor() move from game to hero
-Units used cleaned (removed unused)
-Blob enemy refactored
-Door keys shown in the hub (if taken)
-Unit Sound renamed to SoundDispatcher
-New TEnemy.Attack property
-Fixed silly error with Boss1
-Now a log is used when error
-TMusic is now singleton
-Different door keys are used

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