Saturday, March 31, 2012

New stuff

You can already download sources and binaries of:
  • Version 1.3 of the BB library
  • A new version of the game editor
  • A Space invaders clone (just for fun)
And finally I discovered a game called Mighty Jiloff, I really liked and therefore I want it to do something like that and also it help me updating all engines since they were quite outdated because I was focus on ChessKISS

I've rip many stuff (I'm not good at all for graphics or music, or coding?), so the original and proper game can be found at  (apologies to the original creator...)

At least the sounds effects were creating by me, well, not exactly, I did it with this cute program

What I've been doing lately?

 Simply update the game engine and do some proof-of-concept...

I've update quite a lot the whole library, the game editor and create some "games"

I will start uploading all the stuff

Monday, March 12, 2012

New tournament

Final Standings

23.0 - Atak 6.8
22.5 - Betsabe II 1.09c 32-bit
19.5 - ChessKiss 1.5b 32-bit
19.5 - Dolphin 1.0
17.5 - Myrddin 0.85 32-bit
17.0 - Chesley r323
16.5 - Kurt 0.9.2 32-bit
16.5 - Beowulf 2.4a 32-bit
15.5 - Adam 3.3
14.5 - Carballo 0.5 32-bit
14.0 - FireFly 2.5.13 32-bit
14.0 - Jazz 501
12.0 - Bubble 1.5
8.5 - Slibo 0.5.1
6.0 - AdroitChess 0.3 32-bit
3.5 - BSC 3.9# 32-bit

Well, third, not bad, I will check the PGN file to see if there is something interesting...