Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ChessKISS 1.7

 After some months and a lot of tuning, I'm releasing the 1.7 version, it does not have any new tactics, it just a version that rather than have all pieces/action scores as constants, they are stored in the INI, and of course I've modified those values according to my experiments, there are some more values pending to be tuned, but hey, it is summer!

Download section is already updated


  1. Can't find the download link for ChessKiss 1.7?


  3. 39th Amateur D7 with ChessKiss 1.7 64-bit involved:

    if you install TLCV (Tom's Live Chess Viewer) on your computer, you can watch the games live move by move. You'll also be able to chat to others following the tournament in the chatroom there.
    Host - Port - 16001

    The tournament is also being broadcast in Playchess.

  4. 40th Amateur Divisio 7 starts later this week (ChessKiss 1.7 64-bit included)

    There will be live broadcasts in TLCV ( Port 16053) and also in Playchess.


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