Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First entry of the year 2015!

Happy new to year to you stranger!

What's new?


  • Arrows code finally refactored
  • New TEnemyKiller class, this is an enemy that can also kill other enemies, now many classes inherit from it
  • When hero is being teleported controls are blocked
  • All screens are fine now at any resolution (up to 1920x1080)
  • Hover will wear a xmas hat if it is cold :-)
  • Kurkani code simplified
  • Snow effect is no longer static but part of the scroll system
  • Chandelier line can be cutted by hero
  • New triggers MoveEntity() and MoveHero(), used in Last level for tricky paths
  • New enemy worm
  • Stones break into pieces when crashing
  • Bat can relax again (bug fixed)
  • Blob jumps with different forces
  • Fixed some minor issues in Bird and Droid 
  • Head becomes white when shooting
  • Mine now can move and interact with bound attributes (only if Gravity equal gNone)
  • Now when discovering a new platform, State is set to ssWalking in order to remove weird behaviors
  • New interface IFloater that helps elements that might float with water
  • New element post, that's basically a signal that can be read by hero
  • New sprite state ssReading used for reading signs and entering teleports
  • Graphics are no longer read from compiler file but from graphics.data
  • Screen code improved
  • Game services now includes information regarding highscores, levels and bigfile
  • Fixed nasty bug where parent sprite was dead and children didn't have to render since it was going go be freed and therefore the render buffer would have a reference to it, therefore  a nice access violation error (only with enemies containing children not attached to an engine, like Droid and its laser, difficult to reproduce since hero needs its shield in order to kill parent sprite)
  • Now OnOff blocks can also move to other Positions
  • Gatashi now moves with bezier curves
  • Day and night effect 


  • Turn out that random functions were too slow...
  • New property for triggers RemoveWhenTake, default is true
  • Bezier decimal type changed from TFloat to Double
  • Dead sprites are not longer rendered
  • Triggers now can define width and height
  • sprite Z now adds ObjectId and 63 in order to avoid flickering with other sprites in same Z

Day and night effect