Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ChessKISS tuning, next steps

 These are the next scores to tune:

  • Mobility
  • Tropism
  • Outpost
  • KingOnPos (Left,Center,Right)
  • King safety
  • King pawn shield
  • Passed pawns
  • Passer block
  • Passer chain
  • Isolated pawns
  • Double pawn
  • Backward pawn
  • Chain pawn
  • Passer candidate
  • Early rook move
  • Imbalance
  • Threat penalty
  • Trapped bishop
  • Trapped center pawn
  • Trapped center pawn + bishop
  • Trapped knight
  • Bishop pair adjustment per pawn
  • Undeveloped pieces
  • Passive penalty

The problem here is that almost all of those scores are array based on columns, row or indexes, making it quite complicate to test, let's see...

HBF experiment updated

What's new:

-Ice friction (experimenting..., not finished)
-New levels (crazy ideas)
-New ripped music (some help?)
-New ripped graphics (some help?)
-On/Off tiles
-Arrows can have different speeds
-New fire item ala Mario (experimenting...)
-New ending screen (quite crappy)

Sources and binaries updated

BB framework 1.3c

 This update is mainly related with my game projects (which I will update soon)

-Sprites engines
  Fixed some ColorKey stuff
  Removed BB collections completely

  Many little improvements
  Path issues fixed
  Map events give more flexibility to the listeners

  Fixed nasty collision bug via UpdateCollider()
  CRC in bitmaps
  Z sort (Colorkey surfaces cannot be sorted based on Z-buffer)
  Surface cache is now more accurate (thanks to CRC)
  New TFontEx methods

  Fixed some memory leak

  Modified the way KeyPress() works

  Little improvements here and there

  New class TLevels to handle game levels

  FPS stuff sleep is handled a bit different
  New delta info

ChessKISS 1.7

 After some months and a lot of tuning, I'm releasing the 1.7 version, it does not have any new tactics, it just a version that rather than have all pieces/action scores as constants, they are stored in the INI, and of course I've modified those values according to my experiments, there are some more values pending to be tuned, but hey, it is summer!

Download section is already updated