Saturday, July 23, 2011

ChessKISS 1.3 and last?

This project does not longer motivate me as much as it should (at least with its current architecture), let's see what the future hold...

From readme:

23/07/11, 1.3 update and last?

  PawnIsPassed() function
  Seems that three fold repetition bug is solved
  New IsRepetition() function
  LoadReplay() moved from TEngine
  Repetition issue solved
  Fixed an error on FEN parsing en passant

  Main entry does not used pack data anymore

  A difficult error fixed when game finish in a draw under some conditions (null move was send to XBoard rather than draw command)
  Replay removed for practicity

  EvalPassers() tunned a bit
  Silly error when pawn on second row with rooks and queens

  Added gains concept

  Uses new lookup tables for faster movements
  Improved move generation speed (still slow with the current architecture)
  GenerateEvassions() is now totally operative

  Added singular phase
  Gains used

  New Compress() function that removed duplicated moves
  New IndexOf()

  Unit removed

  Added singular extensions (somehow :-)
  Added history gains
  Added passed pawns to extensions
  Check status is saved in the stack for the next recursive call
  Fixed small issue in the IsDraw() calls

  Added singular extension