Thursday, December 22, 2016

Last entry of the year, glowing...

I've been playing a bit with glows and ropes, the result in this new version, merry xmas!!!

Found binaries at OneDrive 

What's new?

  • Lava throws now go always outside the magma
  • Lava trail is made by particles 
  • Now hero can be idle but facing left or right
  • Equipment upgrades are now activated by default
  • New triggers AddItem() and Deposit() and Concatenate()
  • Item is removed from Inventory just after execution (if applies) and not when has finished
  • New Item Shovel 
  • Coin is no longer Static
  • Focus is now centered properly
  • Now shop is shown differently, also some items are no longer available...
  • Liquid was sounding even when height was zero
  • Extras search improved
  • Items can yield coins 
  • New achievement "Full Equipment"
  • New achievement "Find the Soul of Ginkgo"
  • New achievement "Blue Green Red"
  • New achievement "Destroy the Balls"
  • Some achievements removed 
  • Better achievement visuals
  • Nuclear explosion from Bomb fixed (it was also killing the own explosions)
  • Hover get excited with lava or electricity 
  • Items.pas split into different files
  • Hero refresh the equipment at the beginning of every level
  • Hero steps back when pushed with an arrow and is having a shield
  • Added in some levels a new layer in front of hero (just eye candy)
  • Game over state is not set immediately after dying but after fading is finished
  • Now all entities can do a monologue 
  • New Rope element 
  • New lamp style
  • Cables can excite hovers
  • Fixed small issues when contacting platforms
  • When Hero crushes is got a new sound 
  • When Hero is not facing then it cannot attack 
  • Inventory screen easier to understand
  • Sound system now uses a dictionary rather that an array, also direct access to sounds are avoided since the sound system might desired to free a non used sound, therefore creating an AV
  • Spotlight now can be killed
  • Scores were not inserted properly
  • Now property TGameSprite.IsSlow
  • Remove TileSetFromSolid stuff in sprite factory, it was redundant
  • Rays collision element adjusted
  • Menu font now does some transparency
  • Rope are no longer simulated with bezier curves but with newton's physics 
  • New Volcano element  (experimental)
  • Menu preparation logic moved from game to menu screen
  • Sky stars are now random per game 
  • Snowball now also freezes ceiling (when gravity is up)
  • Sprites can be glowed
  • New labyrinth aspect
  • Exit menu, shop and inventory screens got a sound when moving cursors

  • Buffer hash is also constructed with Alpha
  • Fixed an error with particles alpha when using primitives
  • Particles alpha handling improved as rgba
  • Negativing TVectorEx was totally wrong!
  • Camera zoom is now taken into account
  • New style Inverse in particles 
  • New TSurface.ExtractAlpha() and Glow()
  • Bezier curves do not longer creates a result class per calculation but rathern reuse a global list