Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fluids flowing

Time to post!, now that particles are used and abused, then I was playing a bit with liquids

Found binaries at OneDrive

What's new since the last update?

  • Dust and starfield are no longer split into render/tick, so looping twice is avoided
  • When hero dies in lava, particles are shown in a different color
  • Fireworks done with particles
  • Many Trunc() and Round() removed
  • Scepter does not appear in the same position as in the previous iteration
  • Replaced all possible TGraphicsDriver.Instance by new interfaces from IGameServices
  • Waterfalls are always fully developed since the very first frame
  • Ending changed a bit...
  • Runes class improved
  • Shunenbukaidesu improved
  • Since blood was everywhere now it got its own class
  • In final enemies energy is shown centered and with alpha
  • Kurkani also disintegrates and bleeds
  • Fireworks are now nicer (I guess...)
  • Platforms handling code moved from game to sprites
  • New elements AirBubble, Hit, LavaSplash  and Spark
  • New animation for scepter
  • New pickup Minimap
  • New explosion sprites sheet
  • When water finds a hole it flows
  • Barrel movement improved
  • Some name changes in levels
  • Sprites have now X & Y also as int
  • Particles now can have many emitters
  • Particles now have autozoom
  • New particle visible property
  • Now when screen buffer is overflow then it is skipped (avoiding AV)
  • Improved sleeping code
  • Surfaces can have gamma
  • TGraphicsDriver.Triangle() was not drawing properly...
  • Improved how sprites internally do Render() & Tick()
  • Internal list in SpriteEngine changed from TList<T> to TLinkedList<T>
  • Handled platforms in some cases were removed from list incorrectly
  • New animation property wait, used to change the cadency of the first frame (used in sceptor)
  • Camera2d adding zoom functionality... (WIP)