Thursday, December 6, 2012

BB 1.3d last update of the year

These are the changes:

  • DX editor had some fixes
  • ColorKey detection improved (none, TopLeft, BottomRight, Specified)
  • TLayer.Render cleaned
  • BB compiles under XE3
  • New class TThreadPool (experiment)
  • Sprites can be paused via SetPaused()
Sources updated

HBF updated


Is been a while since my last post, many changes in my private life...

Anyway, is time to show some progress in my stuff:

  • New maps
  • Code cleaned (some refactoring)
  • Horizontal scroll added
  • Some changes in the ladder behaviour
  • Pause is now a proper pause
  • Key O saves a screenshot
  • Arrows fixed when horizontal scroll
  • Arrows can now collide with items and tiles
  • New item stalactita
  • Sprites implement GetPaused/SetPaused

  • Sources and binaries updated