Thursday, February 16, 2017

ChessKISS still alive

ChessKISS won two minor leagues, I'm very proud of this little creature :-)

Nothing spectacular, but hey..., I think soon I will try to create a new version, let's see

Found binary at OneDrive


Final Standings

39.0 - ChessKiss 1.7c 64-bit
36.0 - Dorpsgek Cosmopolitan 2 64-bit
30.5 - Isa 1.9.51 64-bit
29.0 - Obender 03.2016 64-bit
25.5 - Blitzkrieg rev337 64-bit
22.5 - Barbarossa 0.4.0 DJ 64-bit
21.5 - Cinnamon 2.0 64-bit
20.0 - BigLion 2.23x


Final Standings

19.0 - ChessKiss 1.7c 64-bit
19.0 - Obender 03.2016 64-bit
15.5 - Blitzkrieg rev337 64-bit
15.0 - RamJet 0.13
14.5 - NGplay 9.86 64-bit
14.5 - Napoleon 1.6.0b 64-bit
13.5 - Isa 1.9.51 64-bit
13.5 - Soldat III 0.178 64-bit
13.0 - Cinnamon 2.0 64-bit
10.5 - BigLion 2.23x
10.5 - Ecce 1.0 64-bit
8.5 - Abbess 2016.11.12
8.0 - Smash 1.0 3 64-bit

When performance matters

First entry of the year, one month and half later... , found binaries at OneDrive

I've been focus this past two months on improving the performance, in some screens mixing many elements, enemies, particles, lasers, liquids and moving backgrounds was affecting the performance, so I did what I love, to dig into the code and start measuring and comparing, I'm quite happy with the results, now I can throw many particles here and there that performance is not affected.

I did focus on DirectX buffers: hash created only when needed, buffers only sorted when needed, tailor-made drawing triangle functions, RGB to int conversions.

Surfaces are now generated faster when they are in 32 bits.

Also the new TFastPool<T> used in particles it excels, and indexed array for fast access with a pool mechanism in the same structure (maybe I will explained in another post)

What's new:

Clear camera also clear perturbation values
New StartSize/EndSize particle properties, autoSize particle removed
Camera constructor does not longer sets the size in the constructor
All primitives now use InView() to check whether this primitive has to be rendered or not
Line with thickness is now done properly with perpendicular vectors
Now GlowLine() uses a line with thickness
Now particles have X and Y radius
Fixed some Z issues in primitives Line() and Triangle()
New TScreen.WaitBehaviour, buffers can be only resorted when creating new buffers
General improvement in the hash keys of the maps
New TLayer.FindProperty()
Glow rendering improved
Particles now can have a trail
New TMath.CircleInRectangle(): bool
TScreen.DrawSurface() fully improved
Particles.Gravity is now a vector
TScreen.Circles() now has a solid parameter
TRGB.Multiply() & Add() improved
New TRGB.ToInt32()
TScreen.TexCol_Triangle() improved
TVectorEx non operators improved
Particle Editor/Engine vastly improved
New TRGB.AsString()
New TPriorityQueue<T>
New TScreen.CircleGlow()
New TScreen.LineGlow()
New TVectorEx.AsString()
Particles can have Attractors
More triangle buffer optimizations
Added BigFile to Particles
New TFastPool<T>
New TParticleEmitter Sleep and SleepEvery properties
Now Particles uses TFastPool<TParticle2D>
Particles can be glowed
Alpha32 surface detection improved
Particles generated in Sphere fixed
All internal sin/cos calculations in particles are done in RAD so no conversion needed (extra multiplications)
Particle generator loop improved
Render buffer improved
Color performance in buffer improved for surfaces
Queue<T> improved
TPolygon.GetHash() improved
TScreen.FillSurface() improved
Surface cache improved
Sprites now maintain the hash of the buffers
Surface.AndMask() performance improved
Buffer hash generation had collisions (bad key)
Now particles work by time and not steps
Now TObjectEx implements IGroup
Added friction to particles
Some critical functions checks are executed only in debug mode
Particles now do some kind of occlusion via BB
New particles spread mode Expand
Now particles can take the form of shapes
Now Particles can have up to 8 different textures by default
An emitter can be inactive

Cables throws more sparks
Camera size is update when resolution is changed
In menu the text scroller is left/right
New ColorTile element
Fixed an issue when a throwable weapon landed on a moving platform
Now reverse Disintegration works 100%
Now there is a global Gravity
Now color tiles got a tail
Lasergrid was not shown properly
New Path helper to create entities following map attributes
New enemy Rotator
Shover is shown properly when gravity is up
New Achievement "burn the block!"
Hero input code moved to Hero class
Added moving tapes to some levels
New element Wheel (HL2?)
Now all entities might target a tile (by name) and do something
Lava melting ice code fixed
Now demos can also track input from attack and action
New item Wand
Hero does no longer breathe in lava
Some elements now are glowed
TGameSprite.IsUnderneathOf() improved
Game can now load particles from map and/or triggers
Beetle and Titan show sparks when colliding
Flame was not working properly
Background are no longer mandatory in each level
Handling of entities on top of tapes improved
Arrows emit particles when collide
Now boomerang returns when collides with an item
All particles effect are now read froma file
New fireworks with forms
Hero's dust when landing is now done with particles
Air bubbles is now done with particles
In game menus, input is reset to not interfere with hero input
Hero now is got a candle on dark screens
Some backgrounds are now blurred