Saturday, September 28, 2013

HBF, having fun with lights

Playing a bit with some textures effects, the result is quite nice.

Binaries and sources can be downloaded at the moment from SugarSync,  from readme:

  • TSimpleSprite.TestOutOfScreen now also works with Layers
  • Frames are not increment anymore when in Pause
  • Object Id are now used for sorting buffers (sprites in same Z do some flickering since after the quicksort you never know which one has to be render first) for consistent Z order
  • Removed some TCharacter warnings

-New spotlight cameras
-TCollision, fixed an issue width the surface sizes
-Spotlight improved
-Hero factor speed 
-More spotlights colors
-TBackground now supports Layers
-New backgrounds
-New crepuscular effect over layer 0
-Many Z changes (priority issues)

Colored spotlights floating around you (they are meant to slow you down)

Light affecting background and layer 0

Gargoyle being nasty

Monday, September 23, 2013

HBF, small enhancements

Glad to find some time to play with my toy.

Binaries and sources can be downloaded at the moment from SugarSync, details from readme:

-TSimpleSprite, Counters renamed to Triggers
-TSpriteEngine.SpritesAt() now optionally accepts a class
-Alpha taken into account when getting a buffer (full or none)
-Clipping in surfaces done manually
-Buffers are now aged, so they are deleted after a timeout (10000 by default)
-TSpriteEngine Find() and SpritesAt() accepts an array of classes, not just only one
-TIni recognizes remarks
-TRandom improved
-New property TAnimationSprite.PauseAnimation that pauses the animation (handy sometimes)
-New TLayer.ItemZ
-TRandom tuned for random float ranges
-TSpriteEngine.ScanMethod smOne fully supported
-TSimpleSprite.Blink (bool) improved to BlinkRate (int)
-New TLayer.ReplaceTile() and TLayer.ReplaceAttribute()

-Fish and Demon recoding finished
-Demon splashes when entering the lava
-Bomb improved
-Boss1 wasn't really dying when going out of screen
-Option menu reflects changes immediately
-New readme! (crappy)
-New mirror element that reflects laser bounding (also game sprites are mirrored)
-Shield code moved from game to hero 
-Immunity stuff moved totally to hero 
-Eye mirror collision improved
-Offsets improved when in high resolutions
-Touching bomb does no longer kill you
-New tool to create the big file (it was about time)
-Now HBF detects that HBF.big does not exists and complains accordingly 
-Light from candle is behind hero
-Blob collisions cleaned
-When testing platforms for enemies, those ones with no gravity are discarded
-Minor adjustment so sprites falling do not collide on top of already passed tiles
-All Z priorities multiplied by 10
-Snow respects pause 
-New ice tile
-Added gargoyle that spits gas
-Fixed an issue when pausing sounds
-Items are now behind transparent tiles (so lifts can be shown behind the water)
-Candle more realistic
-HitEngine removed
-File nbc removed, added arrows, fire, cloud and hit files
-Bird switched to Engine 2 (closer in Z)
-New powerup that speeds up hero
-New fire flame tile
-Immunity is shown with a transparent bubble
-Map changes to reflect new stuff

Some images:

Laser bounding in mirrors while hero is protected

Hero is reflected in mirror

Monday, September 9, 2013

Good news (I guess)

Hi invisible crowd

I'm glad to announce that HBF has been restored manually line per line. It took a good effort to do it, so I'm ready to offer it for downloading (at the moment at SugarSync)

Additionally I've added some stuff like:

-Added new element candle
-New extra life pickup 
-Fixed gravity error in blob
-Keys can be now configured
-Boss1 fixed
-New eye enemy
-Fixed an issue when recovering looping samples
-Intersection between door and hero improved

-Fixed issue with layers save path
-TSpriteEngine,assigning files when cloning was creating memory leaks
-TAnimationSprite, cache sometimes freed twice
-TCollisions only created when really used
-TCollisions, changed from IShape to TPolygonEx 
-TBigFile improved
-Fixed some rounding issues in sprites coordinates
-TSound a bit more robust
-New TLaser sprite
-Fixed a serious issue when freeing list of interfaces (boddy intfclear)
-Editor zoom in synch
-Many more objects inherit from TObjectEx, thus making easier to find memory leaks
-SpriteEngine, cache is freed after the sprites
-TSound, fixed memory leak when reading wave (silly me)

I hope now I will be able to update the game more often.