Monday, June 16, 2014

Pushing tiles

Now hero is able to push many objects, making the game more interesting.

All binaries should be at skydrive 

New Layer property X and Y in order to do nice scrolling effects
Some bugs fixed in Layer when looping and moving around the X and Y
New method TCamera2D.Rotate()
Sprites react to the new previous method
TVector is now TVectorEx
Shaders can be also loaded from big file
Map items class can be defined

Rays didn't have proper collision box
Planets can bound vertically among them
Runes inventory is shown while picking up runes
Hero impulse increased 0.2
New effect for high scores
Shaders are now also packed
When a rune not owned is taken, it visually moves to its slot
Hero was automatically taking dead runes, hooray!
Arrow code refactored
When arrows collide among themselves they collapse
Hero does not longer needs reversed animations
Items can be now pushed (starting to think about some puzzles)
Bounce enemies now also bound with moving items
Items can have now gravity
Frog has a sound when jumping
Pushing tiles does have a sound
New sound for lava
All important map items are now classes
When arrows are falling they cannot kill hero
New interfaces IBubble, ISolid, IPlatform, IBall, IBubble, ISpring, IIce and ISlope
Many VARS removed
New element card ride, it can be pushed
New solid tiles
Arrows are respawn after 1 second (also avoids the nasty repeating sound)
Fixed collision against items with same direction
Solid items do not rotate when changing gravity
Solid items are now affected properly by gravity
Items detect other items so they can be piled
New sound when entering the water
Grass and Cotton are now fix elements
Any item can now be tagged as ice
Now lava throw fires balls
New enemy stone
Bubbles can only be exploded once

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