Sunday, November 6, 2016


Is quite funny to mentally visualize an item and then trying to find an use and a fit in the game

Found binaries at OneDrive

  • Big enemies now have achievements
  • Joy reading improved a bit
  • Boomerang will not get stuck in a wall
  • Many new extras like: potion, bell, magnet, ancient
  • Many new achievements like: "do magic on a key"
  • Now menu shows % of achievements
  • Some graphics changed
  • Lava eruption do not longer splash in the bottom of lava
  • Highscores fixed
  • Now there is only one key with Key property to select the type of key
  • Screen code cleaned
  • GameSprite new properties, DieText, SpawnItem and SpawnClass
  • TSpawner new property WaitingTime
  • New class TItemResolver, it helps creating items and entities when breaking walls
  • New THero.WeaponInUse()
  • All checkpoints are now in layer 2
  • Now FadeIn()/FadeOut() can be used properly in triggers
  • New enemy Triangle
  • Beetle now jumps when close to an edge
  • Now game has scoring
  • Fixed memory leak with ingame screens
  • Weapons also kill chandeliers
  • New TBouncingEnemy
  • Fixed an issue were a player could take infinite flying coins exiting/entering the levels continuously
  • Fixed an issue were a player could avoid having one less live when dying if level was exited immediately
  • New candle
  • Terminal show different scripts
  • Kurkani fixed
  • Fixed an issue replaying previous music

  • New Sprite.Locked property
  • TPolygon.GetHash() performance boost
  • Now screen buffers and sorted buffers are mixed into one unique queue
  • New TSprite.ClearTimers()
  • Fixed an issue when rotating the screen quad
  • Buffer rendering improved for some fix situations (like sprites...)