Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Time for achievements

Nowadays a game needs achievements, so why not implement them in my own style?

Binaries and sources can be downloaded from SugarSync.

Sprites clip are set to empty not only when creating it but also when loading (since I reuse them)
New ISprite.GetCurrentFrame()
Some checks in maps are only done when in DEBUG mode
FlipX() and FlipY() renamed to ToggleFlipX() and ToggleFlipY() and new property FlipX for helping the getters and setters

New achievement system, at the moment there are 21.
Achievements visuals are updated always when menu is shown
Princess is now a pickup
New banner system, more handy to use
New music for last level
Change the arrow speed from to 4 (so is a little bit faster than hero)
New golden egg pickup, if taken (it changes its location from time to time) it starts a battle, if battle is won, runes are spawned, try to collect them all
Achievement all coins fixed
Profile system improved
Profile storage now uses a dictionary
Droid only can only kill normal enemies with the laser
Eye only can only kill normal enemies with the laser
New interface IProfile
Hud hows all collected Runes

New fighting room (remember ranarama?)

New golden egg

New achievement system

Many runes to be collected

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