Sunday, October 20, 2013

Playing with new levels and enemies

Keep evolving HBF, I hope one day I'm able to have a proper artist so I can mention this project with no shame.

Binaries and sources can be downloaded at the moment from SugarSync,  from readme:


  • When TSpriteEngine renders sprites it should had add the z not subtract it
  • New property for sprites UseEngineZ, by default is true, add z to engine z or just plain z
  • New property for sprites UseZForHash, by default is true, useful when sprites are moving around z and one does not want to create different buffers
  • When retrieving available resolutions we can now pass a ratio parameter, so resolutions with different ratio might be skipped (in HBF is 1.7)
  • New level 13 (abusing of gravity)
  • Game checks for key and door when loading a map
  • Time and coins are now always shown in the top of the screen
  • TLaser was missing property Z
  • Many changes in sprites z.
  • Hero's tail, Fire, Grass, Spotlight and Eye were having wrong Z (forgot that non auto handled sprites do not have engine Z)
  • Arrow is no longer an enemy but an element
  • Door now has a z
  • Game collision refactored
  • New crush method so in the future we can do something different 
  • Boss1 falling too early fixed 
  • New enemy crab 

Cluod being angry (yes is not cloud :-)


A "bit" of gravity

That's it for the week

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