Monday, September 23, 2013

HBF, small enhancements

Glad to find some time to play with my toy.

Binaries and sources can be downloaded at the moment from SugarSync, details from readme:

-TSimpleSprite, Counters renamed to Triggers
-TSpriteEngine.SpritesAt() now optionally accepts a class
-Alpha taken into account when getting a buffer (full or none)
-Clipping in surfaces done manually
-Buffers are now aged, so they are deleted after a timeout (10000 by default)
-TSpriteEngine Find() and SpritesAt() accepts an array of classes, not just only one
-TIni recognizes remarks
-TRandom improved
-New property TAnimationSprite.PauseAnimation that pauses the animation (handy sometimes)
-New TLayer.ItemZ
-TRandom tuned for random float ranges
-TSpriteEngine.ScanMethod smOne fully supported
-TSimpleSprite.Blink (bool) improved to BlinkRate (int)
-New TLayer.ReplaceTile() and TLayer.ReplaceAttribute()

-Fish and Demon recoding finished
-Demon splashes when entering the lava
-Bomb improved
-Boss1 wasn't really dying when going out of screen
-Option menu reflects changes immediately
-New readme! (crappy)
-New mirror element that reflects laser bounding (also game sprites are mirrored)
-Shield code moved from game to hero 
-Immunity stuff moved totally to hero 
-Eye mirror collision improved
-Offsets improved when in high resolutions
-Touching bomb does no longer kill you
-New tool to create the big file (it was about time)
-Now HBF detects that HBF.big does not exists and complains accordingly 
-Light from candle is behind hero
-Blob collisions cleaned
-When testing platforms for enemies, those ones with no gravity are discarded
-Minor adjustment so sprites falling do not collide on top of already passed tiles
-All Z priorities multiplied by 10
-Snow respects pause 
-New ice tile
-Added gargoyle that spits gas
-Fixed an issue when pausing sounds
-Items are now behind transparent tiles (so lifts can be shown behind the water)
-Candle more realistic
-HitEngine removed
-File nbc removed, added arrows, fire, cloud and hit files
-Bird switched to Engine 2 (closer in Z)
-New powerup that speeds up hero
-New fire flame tile
-Immunity is shown with a transparent bubble
-Map changes to reflect new stuff

Some images:

Laser bounding in mirrors while hero is protected

Hero is reflected in mirror

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