Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2015 is ending very soon, very intense year...

This is what I was able to change in the last month, let's hope 2016 is our year (and yours)

Found binaries at OneDrive


  • Moving balls bounces when hero is on top and touches a wall
  • Electricity also kills enemies  (but only if camera is there to make it funny)
  • TGameSprite.IsBellow() is more accurate now
  • Grass shakes with any moving entity
  • Chandelier goes back to original position with a proper animation
  • Frogs jumps higher
  • Skeleton only throws bone when facing hero
  • Spider is now slower
  • Enemies are no longer stuck in non moving platforms
  • Clouds in menu are now red
  • Timeout was not reset when clearing screens, therefore after loosing a fight tunes would not appear anymore
  • HUD refactored
  • Spring improved
  • Snow ball now dies when is too small
  • Worm attack pattern changed
  • TryEnterVehicle moved from Game to GameSprite
  • HandleTeleports and HandlePosts moved from Game to GameSprite
  • Gatashi laser now shakes water if it is on the way
  • Game is rule by a proper state machine
  • Princess now "talks" to hero when close enough
  • Jump system improved
  • When skull is taken, crepuscule lights go away
  • New trigger functions TextSelection() and QuestionAndSet()
  • Dialog now has a color parameter
  • Firebug speed increased a bit
  • Head fire once option implemented
  • Cloud priority changed
  • Enemies can also now teleport and shield (although they don't do it...)
  • Achievements can be reset
  • Unlocked achievements are shown differently
  • Banners can now be horizontal
  • Dialogs can have portraits
  • Triggers are executed only when walking and flying
  • Messages can be waiting for confirmation
  • Screen code improved with machine state events
  • When hero dies colors are different


  • Layer removed from sprites (makes no sense)
  • New interface IBackground implemented in TBackground
  • New TMemVar AsBool, AsInt, AsString, AsFloat
  • TSimpleSprite AddTrigger now has a closure version (very handy)
  • State machine now includes the current value as param in events so it can be modified

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