Sunday, October 18, 2015

The never ending story?

While waiting for graphics, code is improved and refactored...

Found binaries at OneDrive


  • Now triggers define width and height
  • sprite Z always is ANDed with object id
  • TRandom.AImLuckyF(), Delphi cannot distinguish between cardinal and single..., WTF?!
  • Fixed a bug in data length with joystick buttons


  • TrySpawnXXX now uses non float random functions
  • Full day/night cycle
  • Improved spring behaviour
  • Gatashi handles better the collisions (avoids slowdown)
  • New enemy skeleton
  • Skeleton throws bones
  • New interface for global vars, so they can be accessed from trigger engine (files is game.vars)
  • Jump method now has a power parameter
  • New element Circles 
  • Hero cannot enter door while on an item
  • After game over camera X offset was not reset
  • New enemy block
  • Teleport code cleaned
  • HandleMovingPlatforms() refactored
  • Teleporting is now a sprite state
  • More accurate handling of platforms
  • Posts cannot duplicate text anymore
  • All actions can now be done with joystick
  • New TBug element and achievement
  • New fireworks element
  • Posts rolls when pressing up
  • When Gatahsi dies fireworks are fired
  • Spiders web are removed after 10 seconds
  • New enemy Ram (not finished)
  • Only 5 sounds of same type at the same time
  • Bird does not longer die with blood when path is finished
  • Achievement system refactored
  • THud refactored
  • Profile is saved to disk on demand not when class is destroyed

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