Sunday, May 4, 2014

"Only" improving the graphics is pending

Thanks to JLG the sound/music part is almost done, great job men!

Now pending for the graphic part...


  • Dialogs can be skipped pressing return
  • Removed some unused variables in focus 
  • Finally fixed some silly bat bug
  • Removed some unnecessary collision detections against hero
  • Fixed an issue with speed factor
  • Removed some unused units
  • Keys now rotate
  • Now all levels have music 
  • TScreen new property GameServices and refactoring
  • Ending more or less finished
  • Deleted some legacy 3d resources
  • Droid was not taking properly the orientation
  • New sound for the magical stuff
  • Enemies cannot hit hero when he is already dead
  • Highscores screen have a gradient background
  • New sound for balloons exploding
  • Source structure refactored
  • WrongPlace() now is much more accurate with for instance lava
  • Hit animation improved
  • World background is now different
  • All tiles are now 64x64 rather than 64x62
  • New sound when stalactite breaks
  • New TGameSprite GetDefaultHorizontalSpeed
  • TD3D Colorkey improved a bit 
  • Now hero has 5 lives
  • Shadows are "dynamic"
  • Die animation is much faster
  • Fight screen now takes the current view rather than a flat background 
  • All sounds are normalized 
  • Levels starts with a zoom 
  • Darkness is not so dark anymore
  • New colors for the finish level screen 
  • Transition musics are now coming from configuration
  • New screen when entering the game, deja voo!
  • Error with bubbles when in bottom of the Level
  • Using Bass rather than fmod 
  • Sound queue improved
  • Improved the use of GameServices in GameSprite leading to less code
  • Book sprites rather than egg
  • Rain is now diagonal
  • New achievement, kill all enemies (very tricky!)
  • New wind sound 
  • Dragon tail now cast shadow 
  • Layer 1 and 2 uses the same Z
  • Egg has been discarded, now a book it is used which makes more sense in the fight
  • When candles are off they do not emit more light when in darkness
  • New pickup Skull, beware...

  • New TSurface.key reference to related classname so it is easier to debug 
  • TSurface2Poly.Tolerancy should be an integer not a float
  • Removed some really silly $IFDEF in TSurface which makes really weird random errors 
  • Tag removed from some classes that already have them since they inherit from TObjectEx
  • TSimpleSprite.LoadFile() was not passing correctly the colorkey wo the stream overloaded version
  • Some really weird visual issues fixed
  • Now FillSurface() does all the job, move the data from the bitmap to the surface, does the colorkey and also the flipping, this improves the assignation of surfaces
  • New TSurface.SurfaceType field with options: default, managed and target
  • D3D specific classes improved a bit
  • Improving TSurface.Blit()
  • Added support to BASS sound system
  • TSurface.Blit() errors fixed
  • New engine.Exists() a fast function in order to check if a certain class exists 
  • New Layer.number property
  • Fixed a z shadow bug, it was not updated properly in TAnimationSprite
  • Trigger parameters can now be booleans
  • Items now also trigger the event OnReadCell()
  • Alpha tiles do not cast shadows 
  • Removed some warnings in BigFile

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  1. as you said, it's *almost* done, I need to find some time to finish a couple more songs.