Monday, March 17, 2014

Stabilizing HBF

Playing a bit more with scripts and gravity and also trying to stabilize the game.

All files should be at skydrive 


  • 32 bits textures are recognized and used in a better way
  • TCollisionMatrix more stable when coordinates are outside the grid


  • New element ventilator (used in No Name)
  • Triggers can lock/release the keyboard
  • New triggers: FadeIn, FadeOut, SetVar , ShowEntity, ShowHero, LockInput and ReleaseInput
  • Fixed an issue replaying demos 
  • New gravity switcher up/down
  • Gravity down bitmaps are now blue
  • Gravity color shifting cadency it's now slower
  • Fixed an issue when graviting (system thought it was colliding up and down)
  • TEffectDispatcher is now singleton (many classes need to use it)
  • Many counters now use TTimeHelper.AsSteps() (converts milliseconds into game steps)
  • Time pickup now only slowdown mechanical enemies
  • Bomb now gets angry with different gravities
  • Dragon slower (used in Colors)
  • Teleports cannot be reused when are in used
  • All normal enemies get angry when touching flames
  • Bubbles spawning cadency increased  

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