Sunday, March 9, 2014

Focusing on triggers

It's been a while since the last update, so it is about time to do something...

All files should be at skydrive 


  • Params trigger now accepts string values
  • Fixed a bug when in a trigger the same function is called more than one it would always get the same parameters
  • Remove TSprite.UseEngineZ and added TSprite.AlternativeZ


  • When in water and bubbles are visible a new sound is played
  • Trigger ClearEntity now works since the attribute it is saved in ENTITY_VAR
  • Blob gets angry when touches a flame
  • Droid's laser was not pausing properly
  • New explosion for walls
  • New giant gear wheel (not used yet)
  • Egg is now nicer
  • Sounds can be searched by name
  • New trigger dispatchers: SetParallax, SetNight, ClearItem, Flash, Quake, ShowText, StopMusic and StopSound
  • New unit Dialogs, that helps showing text on screen
  • Playing demos was letting you play new levels, fixed
  • Escape is not enabled when in pause
  • Spotlight light collision fixed
  • Top VS bottom collisions better handled
  • Hero's tail code improved a little bit

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