Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ChessKISS 0.9

There is a new version available, from readme:

31/01/11, 0.9 update
Added AllPieces and removed Kings and pawns
Removed ValidMoves array
Removed GetCapturedAtInedx()
Removed GetDefenderAtIndex()
Improved FastIsValidMove()

Added transactions in order to be allow to discard entries from fail low or high aspiration window
Improved store entry approach
Added hash pawns

New mobility paradigm applied
Pawns score cached
Added tempo to the side that moves
Added knight pair bonus
Added slav trap test
Squares WB and BB used at 100%
Fixed many little issues
King on right side now uses also opponent pawns
Added knight adjustment depending on pawns (more valuable with more opponent pawns)
Added proper weak pawn test
Test for blocking on passed pawns
Added rook adjustment depending on pawns (more valuable with less opponent pawns)
Improved king attacks
LazyEval() now also takes into account PawnsEval()
Start adding endgame casuistic

-Removed hits
-Added mate killer

New class for move generation

IsEqual() & NotEqual() takes into account promotion when comparing

Removed Last() and Prior() functions
Added TBlackPiece class with explicit casuistic

Removed history reductions and evaluation reductions
Searchs at real depth 1 are full
TMovePicker used in AlphaBeta() and Quiescense()
Added mate killers
Cache transactions used

Added pawn hash size
Removed history and evaluation reductions

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