Friday, December 31, 2010

ChessKISS 0.7

Last day of the year and a new version..., from readme.txt:

31/12/10 0.7 update:

A lot of structures are align to power of two

FillMoves() also fills Pawns
Get rid off UpdateIndices(), a new approach is used

New piece score values

Movements now use TStack<string>
Movements are now cleared after each game
Eval command now returns debug info

New debug info
Isolated double pawns are counted
UndevelopedKnightRookComboPenalty() was used as bonus when it a penalty
Castling bonus removed
No castling rights are penalty only are initial and middle stages
Fianchetto bonus fixed
Pawn penalty now uses fixed values rather than incremental values (for the moment)
Blocked center penalty improved
KING_NOT_ON_SIDE_PENALTY uses a new approach

Now En passant moves have the sufix "/ep"

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