Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ChessKISS 0.6

Well, another update, this is getting close to the end...

From readme:

21/12/10, 0.6 update:


GenerateEvasions() works but still not used
Fixed castling rights
Pawn generation optimized a bit
GetCastlingRights() was also setting rights
Now the engine correctly choose the rook side once is discarding castling rights

Unstoppable bonus error
BLOCKING_CENTER was issued to all pawns rather than to only one
A bit of pawn storm

Added AddRange()

Added IsSlice()
New Initial value

Checks in Quiescent() not done until Captures stage
Checks in See() go to good captures even if they loose material
Removed temporally the dynamic window

Finally the hash takes into account the castling rights

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