Sunday, October 16, 2016


 Every time I implement a new thing lots of ideas come to my mind, like with inventory, many new things were changed thanks to this new feature.

Found binaries at OneDrive

  • New inventory screen that can be accessed via return key or Y gamepad
  • Equipment is set via RTTI
  • Equipment code improved
  • New unit Items
  • Now Hero can have extras, like torch, horn, map, etc...
  • Screen exiting code improved
  • Coins now have a quantity property (default is 1)
  • Hero can wear an armor
  • New options for Continuous jumping entities like force and decay
  • New TJumpingCoin entity
  • New extras: Map, Bomb, Clock, Parasol, Horn, etc
  • Now Minimap works in any level
  • New item Double Shoes...
  • Coin classes renamed
  • Crepuscule lights move a bit...
  • New NPC property Thanks, be kind...
  • New chest element
  • Hidden levels are shown in main menu (if reached)
  • New property Gamesprite.AutoCenter
  • Finally all classes are created based on names (via RTTI)
  • HUD shows Runes in a frame
  • New Tucan bird
  • New action button, so that hero can use weapons
  • Some new graphics ...
  • Extra life shows a different graphics
  • Inventory is rendered in the HUD
  • Now inventory can have more than one unit of an item
  • Some changes in the expirable items
  • Post can have codified messages
  • New element Sparks
  • Bird chances reduced
  • New music achievement
  • NPC now properly says "a" or "an"
  • Princess now will be in a cage
  • New weapons...
  • Slope collision fixed
  • Magic?!
  • Fixed some bugs with collisions and no gravity elements (since it was not used...)
  • New method IInventory.FindByClass()
  • New achievements
  • Highscores now shows reached level
  • More versatile inventory
  • Fixed memory leak in shop screen
  • GameSprite IsMoving() improved
  • Many code lines "A mod B" changed to "A and B" when possible
  • Cadency now always works in milliseconds
  • Weapons volume is adapted to the distance to hero
  • Since new Windows 10 anniversary update game didn't restore once the focus was lost, weird but fixed
  • Huge performance boost in the creation of the object by name, by simply creating the context once and not on every call
  • Now Shop open/closes door
  • Jumping coins when created in the air do not initially jump
  • Updated to latest BASS library
  • NPC can have monologues...
  • Timer was started on a wrong event
  • New Terminal element
  • New achievements...
  • Game shows a menu when pressing escape or joy start
  • Extras can also yield coins

  • New T2DParticles properties AutoAngle and Elasticity
  • When a surface is destroyed and then the buffer, the search is faster
  • New helpers in TInputKeys.IsButton()
  • FFont.Render() now returns a boolean indicating whether it was painted or not
  • Laser ending was drawing even when no segments were set
  • Added thickness in drawer.Box()

The inventory

Weapons and Shields...

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