Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer is here!, too hot to code... (va por ti, para siempre)

What's new?

Items from Layers refactored and improved with spatial partitioning
Destroying sprites is now more reliable since it does not use AutoHandled 
TObjectEx and TComponentEx both implement ISelf 
TSurface.CalculateHeights() was not taking properly the alpha value
Some 32 bits masks fixed in surfaces
Items didn't have shadows, fixed
New ICamera2D.Follow() 
Making quicksort stable number set to 31 rather than 15
New TLayer.PopPropertyAt()

Stones improved
New secret level! 
Arrows source  code move to enemies folder
New sprite dispatcher entity, it can dispatch any entity based on frames, proximity or randomness
Moving items can also fire triggers
Spike and arrows has more behaviors (not only cadency style)
Tiles can be marked as Movable 
New trigger ClearText()
Cruswall is now a TBasicPlatform
Using ISelf.AsObject to cast to objects (performance issues)
Mirror Tracing should be x,y not CenterX/Y
OnOff does not have to update when in pause 
OnOff has now a behavior: random, cadency and touch
OnOff has a new chances property, default = 0.5
Move accurate platform detection of bound attributes
Bat now use proper 3d play sound method 
CarryTile = CarryItem 
Eye enemy becomes red when using laser
Fixed an error when detecting collision with platforms while changing direction 
TRotatingCloud now works properly
Background X it is also scrolled (why I didn't do that before?)
TGameSprite.IsPushable() was always returning true, fixed
Pushable items set as IPushable 
Arrows also fall when colliding with mechanic or indestructible enemies
Card ride can move on rails and hero can mount it (use it in last level, still not finished)
Cardride dos not get stuck when colliding against a wall after jumping
Carride cannot jump twice
HBF.UpdateCamera() uses cam.Follow()
Thrown lava is not created when there is more lava on the top
Removed many calls to GetCollisionData() that were not needed since it is done automatically at Element level
Arrows are now properly cut when spawning them
GetCollisionData() now gets info from cells and items 
New enemy catcher (comes with different formations, used in Break It)
New Anemone element 
Bubbles are now pushable
All spawning entities now inherit from TSpawner
New enemy Catcher 
New enemy Trail 
Now all entities can create water bubbles (like Anemone)
Fixed a minor bug where hero was playing a splash sound in see level (you are already inside water...)

Mounting a card ride:

Some Anemones:

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