Saturday, February 4, 2012

ChessKISS 1.5a, maintenance version...

It seems that I took for grant that everybody have SSE4 :-), that's why I didn't have any issue, time to deploy the patch!

What's new?

 04/02/12, 1.5a maintenance version

  The engine now checks if PopCnt is available (that stop the engine crashing on machines with no SSE4)
  The endings are not longer based on strings but on hash

  beta hits updated the history entries

  CanTraverse() tweek a bit, it could discard valid moves

  New unit, not used yet

  Killers updated when a bet cache is hit


  1. ChessKiss 1.5a ponders automatically, then when it is its turn uses 2 CPUs. Can't find a way to stop this. This is on my Q6600. :-(

  2. ChessKISS does not have code for pondering..., what is doing is having one thead for searcing and the another thread for input, is the OS that assign to available CPU unless you change the mask affinity.

    What I've realise is that if I sleep for 1 ms on the main loop the CPU using is reduced notably, which might be the issue